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Spiti Valley

Nestled in a scenic gorge amidst Tibet and India is Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh. Spiti Valley sprawled in the Himalayan Mountain is a cold desert mountain valley. It is reckoned for being the research and cultural hub of Buddhist. Home of the oldest monasteries Spiti Valley with its rugged terrain and pictorial surrounding has become a must visit destination of North India. Lately Spiti Valley with its unique location has emerged as an adventurer’s hub in India. The daunting hill and semi arid region of Spiti Valley is ideal for partaking in adventure activities like mountain biking, trekking and Yak Safari in Himachal Pradesh. The monasteries perched at a high altitude are the main tourist attraction of Spiti Valley.

Points Of Interest In Spiti Valley


Tabo Monastery

Enclosed by a quaint hamlet in Spiti Valley is Tabo Monastery. Founded in 996 CE Tabo Monastery of Spiti Valley is famous for being the oldest Buddhist monastery in India. Unlike other monasteries in Spiti Valley Tabo Monastery is not situated at a high elevation but rather on a flat ground. Housing precious Thankas, sacred manuscript, and ancient statues Tabo Monastery is considered a national treasure of India and preserved by Archeological Survey of India. The inner walls of Tabo Monastery are adorned with astounding murals which depicts the tale of Buddhist Religion. Due to its vibrant painting and stone carving, Tabo Monastery is often known as the Ajanta of Himalayas.


Ki Gompa

Ki Gompa also spelt as Key Monastery, perched atop a conical hill at an altitude of 4166 meters is the largest monastery of Spiti Valley. It is a Tibetan Monastery founded in 11th century. Surrounded by lofty mountains, Ki Gompa of Spiti Valley has charmed traveler with its idyllic aura and ancient artifacts. During winter season Ki Gompa is hidden beneath the thick blanket of snow. Offering the surreal vista of River Spiti meandering through the lofty mountain Ki Gompa is a must visit destination of Spiti Valley to capture the rugged beauty of Himachal. This ancient monastery is also the venue ground of mask dance during Ki Chaam Festival. Visitors upon request can also visit the ancient prayer halls of Ki Gompa.


Dhankar Gompa

Dhankar Gompa nestled at an altitude of 3894mt is Cliffside Buddhist monastery in Spiti Valley. Built in 16th century Dhankar Gompa of Spiti Valley was designed for being a fort monastery due to its unique location. Visitors can catch the panoramic vista of Spiti Valley from Dhankar Gompa. This multi storey monastery has 5 different halls the most famous being the uppermost hall which is decked with the idols of Lama Chodrag, Sakyamuni, and Tsongkhapa. A new structure of Dhankar Gompa has been recently below the old foundation. The idyllic ambiance, pictorial view and rich cultural heritage of Dhankar Gompa has made it a must visit destination of Spiti Valley.


Kunzum Pass

Kunzum Pass also known as Kunzum La is one of the Gateway towards the scenic Spiti Valley. At an altitude of 4551mt, Kunzum Pass is known for being one of the highest motorable mountain passes of India in Himachal Pradesh. The pass is usually closed during winter season due to heavy snowfall and is only opened from June to September. Kunzum Pass is one of the prime tourist attractions of Spiti Valley. This pictorial mountain pass is famous for being a trekking destination in Himachal. Kunzum trek has attracted many adventurers towards Spiti Valley. Decked with vibrant prayer flags, Kunzum Pass with its surreal view of Bara-Sigri, the second largest glacier in the worlds, has captivated the minds of many travelers.


Pin Valley National Park

Pin Valley National Park situated close to Indo-Tibet border is a national park in Spiti Valley. It was established in1987. Home of snow leopard and Siberian ibex, the pictorial landscape of Pin Valley National Park has become a must visit destination for the nature lovers traveling in Spiti Valley. The rolling mountain and snow peaked laden enclosing Pin Valley National Park presents a breathtaking vista to its visitors. The unique ecology and pictorial landscape of Pin Valley National Park has attracted travelers and nature enthusiast from far and wide.

How to reach Spiti Valley: Being a high altitude destination, Spiti Valley does not have its own railway station and airport. The closest railway station to Spiti Valley is located in Jogindernagar at a distance of 365km. If visitors are traveling via air route the closed airport to Spiti Valley is located in Kullu at a distance of 236km. If visitors are taking a bus to reach Spiti Valley the easiest route is via Manali. The distance between Kullu to Spiti Valley is 236 km.

Best time to visit Spiti Valley: The best time to visit Spiti Valley is during summer season (March to June). During this season visitors can enjoy the soothing weather of Spiti Valley and witness the outwardly beauty of which Spiti Valley is endowed with. It is best to avoid winter and monsoon season (July to February). Being a hilly region, during rainy season the road leading towards Spiti valley become more prone to landslide. While during winter season the road connecting Spiti Valley is blocked due to heavy snowfall.