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also spelled as Majoli is a pictorial river island of Assam in Brahmaputra River. Located at a distance of 200km from Guwahati, Majuli is the world’s largest river island. Majuli is blessed with a verdant land which is dotted with paddy rice fields and water meadows bursting with blooming Hyacinth. During monsoon season a huge part of this pictorial island hides beneath the mighty river Brahmaputra. Flaunting the impeccable beauty Majuli of Assam has become one of the must visit tourist destination of India. There are many religious sites to visit in the scenic island of Majuli. Watching sunset over the Brahmaputra River is one of the favored things to do in Majuli.

Points Of Interest In Majuli


Kamalabari Satra

Founded by Bedulapadma Ata, Kamalabari Satra of Majuli is a study centre for learning art, culture, and literature. It is located at a distance of 3km from the main market of Majuli. Kamalabari Satra is a religious site where visitors can find essential articles about cultural and classical studies in Majuli. The ceilings and walls of Kamalabari Satra are adorned with colorful painting some of which depict scenes from Hindu Mythology.


Dakhinpat Satra

Dakhinpat Satra is another renowned institute of learning Socio-religion in Majuli. It was built in 1584 by Satradhikar Sri Vanamalidev, a disciple of Vamshigopal. Located at a distance of 11km from main town of Majuli, Dakhinpat Satra is known for being the treasure house of dances like Jumora, Chali, and Noyua. The most attracting feature of this religious institute is the ornamental gate. The entrance gateway of Dakhinpat Satra is carved with religious structure, animals and vibrant flowers designs. Being a historically and culturally significant site Dakhinpat Satra is a must visit destination of Majuli for the visitors who wants to explore the Assamese culture.


Garmur Satra

Garmur Satra founded by Lakshmikantadeva is one the most important tourist attraction of Majuli. Located at a distance of 4km from the main market of Majuli, Garmur Satra is a hub for vaishnavite. It is a holy seat known for persevering ancient artifacts and articles like Bartop (Canons). Every year Garmur Satra hosts the annual Raasleela which is celebrated in a grand style and attracts hordes of travelers and devotes towards Majuli. The arch way of Garmur Satra which is engraved with intricate designs is another added charm for visitors.


Auniati Satra

Founded in 17th century Auniati Satra is a famous tourist attraction of Majuli known for its Apsara and Paalnam dance. Auniati Satra idolizes a statue of Lord Krishna in its main sanctum. Visitors can find a museum in Auniati Satra which houses ancient artifacts like precious jewelry and antique utensils. Like other satras of Majuli Auniati Satra has an astounding gateway which catches the attention of visitors. Auniati Satra is located at a distance of 5km from the main town of Majuli.



Tengapania situated along the banks of River Brahmaputra is a sacred temple in Majuli. The golden colored Tengapania is one major tourist attraction of Majuli. The Ahom architecturing style of Tengapania has hyped the interest of travelers and devotes. Sited in a pictorial landscaped Tengapania is known for being an ideal place to witness the surreal sunset over Brahmaputra River. The astounding statues and pillars crafted with intricate designs are the most attracting feature of this sacred temple. The idyllic ambiance and scenic surrounding of Tengapania has made it a must visit destination of Majuli.

Best time to visit Majuli: During Monsoon season (July to September) visitors can witness Majuli at its pristine form making it an ideal time for vacationing in this river island of Assam. But October to March is the best time to visit Majuli. During this time weather in Majuli is cool and soothing perfect to relish the cultural heritage and natural beauty of Majuli.

How to reach Majuli: To reach Majuli visitors first need to reach Jorhat of Assam. Jorhat is the closest town to this river island. The distance between Jorhat to Majuli is 20km. Jorhat is an easily accessible destination. It is well connected with major cities of India like Guwahati and Kolkata with its state bus network and has its own air terminal. After reaching Jorhat visitors need to ride on a ferry to reach Majuli. From Neemati Gath the ferry takes approx 1 hour to reach Majuli.