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Mizoram, also known as the land of Blue Mountains is a scenically blessed state of North India. Sprawled between the plateau of Meghalaya and the mighty Himalayan foothills, Mizoram is known for its pictorial landscape. Sharing its boundary with Bangladesh and Myanmar Mizoram with is exotic beauty has become a must visit destination in India. It is a lesser explored state which is blessed with abundance of nature. The daunting hill and scenic gorge of this serene state is divided by the meandering river streams. There are many offbeat destinations in Mizoram which has become a paradise for nature enthusiast and wilderness explorer. The unique cuisine, diverse culture, and traditional life style are an added charm of visiting Mizoram.

Points Of Interest In Mizoram



Phawngpui located along the Myanmar border is the highest mountain peak in Mizoram. It is situated in the southern most side of Mizoram. Phawngpui also know as Blue Mountain is located at a distance of 118km from Aizawl. Aizawl is the capital city of Mizoram. Reckoned as the “Abode of Gods”, Phawngpui is dotted with the verdant forest of rhododendron trees. At an altitude of 2157mt this scenic hill is known for being the treasure house of medicinal plant. Travelers can indulge themselves in some adventurous activity like trekking and camping in Phawngpui Hill of Mizoram. Showcasing the bounty of nature, Phawngpui has become a must visit destination of Mizoram for nature lovers and adventurers. During spring season (March to May) the valleys enclosing Phawngpui is bursting with the vista of blooming rhododendron and orchids.


Mizoram State Museum

Mizoram State Museum located in the heart of Aizawl is an ethnographic museum. Established in April 1977 Mizoram State Museum displays the rich cultural heritage of this scenic state. The four storey building of Mizoram State Museum has five galleries where an entire gallery is dedicated to Mizo Tribe. Displaying numerous archaeological artifacts, rare photographs and natural history specimens, Mizoram State Museum has become a favored tourist attraction of Mizoram. Learn about the different Mizo Tribes and observe the centuries old artifacts in Mizoram State Museum.
Mizoram State Museum Timings: 10:00am to 4:30pm (Closed on Sundays)
Mizoram State Museum Entry fee: Rs 5


Dampa Tiger Reserve

Dampa Tiger Reserve is a rich sub tropical rain forest sprawled in the western region of Mizoram along the Indo-Bangladesh border. It is the largest wildlife sanctuary of Mizoram. Located at a distance of 133km from Aizawl Dampa Tiger Reserve is the safe haven for many endangered species like swamp deer, tiger, leopard, elephant and hoolock gibbon. Far from the bustling hassle of city Dampa Tiger Reserve with its serene ambiance and untarnished beauty has become a place to find solace amidst nature. Within the dense forest of Dampa Tiger Reserve visitors can also see small Mizo Tribe who lives in peace and harmony with nature. November to February is the best time to visit Dampa Tiger Reserve to listen to the melodious chirping of exotic birds and witness this verdant rain forest at its pristine form.


Vantawng Fall

Located at a distance of 152km from Aizawl is Vantawng Fall one of the famous tourist attractions of Mizoram. With an astounding height of 750ft, Vantawng Fall is the highest waterfall of Mizoram. Surrounded by lush green tropical forest dotted with bamboo plantation, Vantawng Fall is a place which is endowed with abundance of nature. The view of water cascading down the rugged terrain has captivated the minds of many travelers. Visitors who want to spend a night close to this majestic water fall can find cottages nearby Vantawng Fall. Travelers can make a round trip to Thenzawal during their sightseeing of Vantawng Fall. Thenzawal is a quaint town known for its rich paddy field and serene ambiance. The distance between Vantawng Fall and Thenzawal is 5km.


Khuangchera Puk

Khuangchera Puk is a natural cave in Mizoram. It is named after the legendary Mizo warrior Khuangchera who live in that area in late 19th century. Khuangchera Puk is located in the western region of Mizoram at a distance of 30km from Aizawl. This is one of cave which can be explored without any trouble. With a length of 162mts Khuangchera Puk is the second longest cave in Mizoram. The thrill of exploring a dark and humid cave has attracted many adventurers towards Khuangchera Puk.

How to Reach Mizoram: Visitors who wants to explore the less trodden destination of Mizoram need to travel towards Aizawl. Being the base for exploring the virgin land of Mizoram Aizawl is well connected with major cities like Guwahati and Kolkata by vast state bus network. Aizawl has a domestic airport and is well-connected to many cities like Guwahati, Imphal and Kolkata through regular daily flights. The closest railway station of Mizoram is located in Bairabi in Kolasib District. The distance between Mizoram and Bairabi is 239km.

Best time to visit Mizoram: There is no specific time to explore the verdant forest and learn about the rich culture of Mizoram. Blessed with temperate weather Mizoram can be visited throughout the year, summers are warm and soothing while winter can be little colder.