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Kashmir Valley

Sprawled on the bank of Jhelum is Kashmir Valley also known as Vale of Kashmir is one of the most charismatic and romantic places in India. Enclosed by serene lakes and lush forested area, Kashmir Valley is often referred as the Venice of East. This northern most valley has become one of the perfect honeymooning destinations in India. Kashmir with its unmatched beauty has captivated the minds of many travelers. The beauty of Kashmir has even ensnared the heart of mighty Mughal Emperor Jahangir he even quoted if there be paradise on earth it is here in Kashmir. There are many places to visit in Kashmir valley which showcases the nature’s bounty.

Points Of Interest In Kashmir Valley



Sprawled around the serene Dal Lake is Srinagar the capital city of Kashmir. At an altitude of 1180mt, Srinagar blends together the tints of nature, harmony, beauty and romance. Surrounded by lofty mountains and verdant forest Srinagar has charmed travelers from far and wide with its magnetic charisma. Srinagar is known for its colorful houseboat and traditional handmade shawls. The beauty of this old city is more enhanced by the Mughal garden and ancient mosque. On a clear day visitors are awe-stricken by the vista of snow capped mountain range looming above the luxuriant valley of Srinagar. The best time to visit Srinagar to catch this surreal view is during October to December. Srinagar with its mesmerizing charisma has become one of the major tourist attractions of Kashmir Valley. Some of the things to do in Srinagar are boating, trekking and bird watching.



Nestled amidst the Pripanjal range of western Himalayas in Kashmir Valley is Gulmarg a scenically blessed hamlet. Formerly known as Gaurimarg, Gulmarg has emerged as one of the favored hill station in India. Since British Era Gulmarg has been a summer retreat amidst the mighty Himalayas to escape from the scorching summer heat of plain region. Located at a distance of 50km from Srinagar Gulmarg has become a popular skiing destination in India. During December & January adventure lover from far and wide travel to Gulmarg to experience the thrill of skiing in the greater Himalayas. The two stage gondola of Gulmarg is one of the major attractions of this serene hill station. Tourists are seen waiting in a long queue to ride upon this gondola to feast their eyes with the stunning view of snow capped mountain glistening under the sun.



Surrounded by rolling green meadows, daunting hills and fresh river stream is Kupwara the crown jewel of Kashmir Valley. Kupwara is located at a distance of 80km from Srinagar. At an altitude of 1577m Kupwara is reckoned for being the epitome of paradise of Earth. The view of green alpine forest sprawled beneath the snowline of majestic mountains has left traveler mesmerized by the scenic beauty of Kupwara. Camping and trekking are some of things to do in Kupwara. During summer season the valley enclosing Kupwara is sprawled with the vibrant vista of blooming flowers. Kupwara is one of the must visit destinations of Kashmir Valley.


Dachigam National Park

Founded in 1910 is Dachigam National Park, home of rare Kashmir Stag. Dachigam National Park of Kashmir is located at a distance of 20km. The name Dachigam refers to ‘Ten Villages’ and it was entitled as a national park in the year 1981. Endowed with rich flora and fauna Dachigam National Park is famous of its scenic landscape. At an altitude of 14000ft it is one of the India’s most elevated reserves. Home of many exotic animal species, Dachigam National Park has become the paradise for the nature enthusiast traveling towards Kashmir Valley. During winter season this verdant land is covered with the thick blanket of snow while in summer season it is dotted with blooming poppy flowers. The month of March to May is an ideal time to spot exquisite birds in Dachigam National Park. Trekking through the thick wooded forest while listening to the alluring chirping of exotic birds are some of the things to do while visit Dachigam National Park of Kashmir.


Sinthan Top

Perched at an attitude of 12000ft Sinthan Top is one of the most pictorial destinations of Kashmir Valley. It is famous for offering the panoramic vista of snow capped mountain range enclosing Kashmir. Sinthan is the pass which connects Kashmir with Jammu. Located at a distance of 128 km from Srinagar Sinthan Top is rapidly emerging as an adventurers hub. During a visit to Sinthan Top tourist can partake in mountaineering, trekking and skiing. Tent accommodation in Sinthan Top has caught the attention of many adventurers traveling to the scenic hill station Kashmir. From breathtaking vista to thrilling adventure activities, Sinthan Top is one of the places in Kashmir where visitors can experience it all.



Yousmarg situated in the western part of Kashmir Valley at an altitude of 2396mt is yet another scenically blessed hamlet. Located at a distance of 47km from Srinagar, Yousmarg is one of the must visit places in Kashmir. Shrouded by the verdant forest of alpine trees, Yousmarg is an ideal place for trekking in Kashmir Valley. One of the famous trekking routes is towards Neelnag Lake. It is a natural lake sited amidst the emerald green forest. Apart from trekking visitors can partake in other activities like skiing, horse riding and fishing. It is best to avoid traveling to Yousmarg during starting of winter since the roads leading to this quaint hamlet is blocked by the heavy snowfall.

How to reach Kashmir Valley: Being a favorite honeymooning destination and hill station in India, Kashmir valley is well connected with major cities like Delhi, Goa and Mumbai by a vast network of state buses. The distance between Delhi to Kashmir Valley is 297km. If visitors are traveling to Kashmir Valley through railway route they need to board a train for Jammu Tawi Railway Station. It is the closest railway station of Kashmir Valley located at a distance of 305km. But one of the most convenient ways to reach Kashmir Valley is by boarding a flight towards Srinagar. Srinagar airport is approximately located at a distance of 14 km from the city.

Best time to visit Kashmir Valley: Kashmir Valley the paradise for vacationers and honeymooning couple. The best time to relish the beauty of this pictorial hill station is from March to October. This season is the most ideal time for relishing the vista of blooming flora of Himalayan region. But if visitors want to experience the thrill of skiing through the alpine valley of Kashmir the month of November to January is the best time to visit Kashmir.